Megawad Leaderboards

gonna keep updating this as we go… considering each episode of a megawad as its own entity (although BTSX and Valiant have their own definition of episode which will muddle mine, haha) so maps 1-11 of a typical Doom 2 megawad are episode 1, 12-20 and 15 are episode 2 and 21-30 and 32 are the third episode. This is going to have a lot of provisional scores until I get around to recording demos:

Doom 1:

the ’90s
Doom, episode one: 80%
Doom, episode four: 75%
Doom, episode two: 45%
Doom, episode three: 45%
Beginning of the End: 85% provisional
Invasion: no idea :DDDD
Enjay Doom: ok

the ’00s
Base Ganymede Complete: 90% as a whole, need to play more in-depth
2002 A Doom Odyssey: gotta replay
Ultimate Needs More Detail: i think this was good
Retro Episode: was good probably
Classic Episode: wow synonyms
Mapgame: yes please

the ’10s
Xaser’s cool as hell episode 5 is at least an 80% or something
Switcheroom: probably mid50s
DTWID: 80% provisional
Concerned: hate

Doom 2:

the ’90s
Evilution, episode two: 85%
Evilution, episode one: 60% or so
Evilution, episode three: ugh%
Plutonia: all the levels run together in my head apart from that I remember Map 04 is way too hard to be where it is
Doom 2, episode one: 80%
Doom 2, episode two: 55% or something around that mean
Doom 2, episode three: 75% because while it has the best maps, Nirvana, Catacombs and Bloodfalls are all trash and Grosse is the worst secret level ever
Requiem 75% provisional
Alien Vendetta mean% provisional because I sort of hate it while admiring certain facets
Icarus Alien Vanguard: hope you like SHAWN2 cos
Herian/Herian 2: the sort of thing I kinda like to indulge
Eternal Doom: 90% provisional – just one of the best things made for Doom
STRAIN: prepared to be patient with this
Project X: lol
Realm of Chaos: kinda dreading
Memento Mori: yes
Memento Mori 2: Yes
Twilight Zone 2: well ok then
Hell Revealed: absolutely not
Dimensions of Time: giggle
Cleimos 2: a mapset I struggle with but which seems worth studying!
Demonfear: might either be a minor gem or the crap-fest I actually remember
Enjay Doom 2: giggle
The Darkening 2: really good, probably reviewable as a single episode
Squadron 417: is this possible to judge alone?
TV1998: probably cute

the ’00s
Doom 2 Reloaded, episode one: 65% – streamlined, doom.exe, one-man megawad :: consistent, logical and fun to play but a little too gray and corridor-ish
obviously Scythe is going to score big here
i will also overrate Hellcore for its music and scope
Whispers of Satan: ?
Plutonia 2: as if i can complete any of these levels lol
Hell Revealed 2: ditto
Garrulo: 😀
Revolution: love this one and always wondered what year it was actually finalized
Rebirth: so many Doom 2 The Way It Could Have Been wads so little time
Scythe 2: 85% provisional
Mini-level Megawad: probably the exact opposite of my thing
Kama Sutra: prepared to be generous because I like Gusta’s sense of humour
Vile Flesh: literally all I remember is METAL2 everywhere
Armadosia: love ya
Scientist 2: one million percent as far as I am concerned
Congestion 384: lol

the ’10s
Alternate Life Transformation: 95% as a whole – atmospheric, unusual, Boom, Russian team :: a virtuoso first act of unsettling scenarios which don’t at all obstruct the classic Doom gameplay. you sort of have to be a fan of games getting metaphysical to appreciate this, but if you already are then you really NEED to play ALT! would be 100% but the music is not new & some of the levels don’t fit the theme
Back to Saturn X 1: 85% provisional
Back to Saturn X 2: 90% provisional
Hellfire: Dreams rocks
Hellbound rocks too
Vanguard: 80% provisional
Whitemares: if I could make a mixtape out of certain Whitemare levels I’d give it 99%
Zones of Fear: 70% as a whole while being a level set I always return to – there’s a very curious mood in Enkeli’s levels that I adore
Doom 2 Unleashed (pcorf): ?
Hadephobia: good question
SF2012: ugh
D2INO: i’m prepared to be tolerant of strange ideas here
Survive in Hell: oh god
D2TWID: 70s/80s
JTH: does this actually work
Speed of Doom: probably will savage this sorry
Interception: could be cool!
Going Down: this is going to be tough because I love the environments and hate the gameplay
Fragport: should I or
Eternal Slumber Party: 100% in terms of level design, 0% in terms of chance of me beating any of the levels
Zone 300: probably not a good score
Reverie: could be cool
Resurgence: ack
PRCP: i’m going to say 1%
Jenesis: i remember liking
NOVA: probably doesn’t hang together as a megawad or anything (but then neither does Evilution lol)
Killing Adventure: 😀
Epic 2: 99999%
Doom Core: seems like hard work
Unholy Realms: ditto
Doom IIII: 😀


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