demo, MIDI

H2H Czech Series 1, from March 1995 (and CAYDE.MID)

Some authors cottoned on to clean, sane map design earlier than others – here’s an early example of a map which feels IWAD-worthy while introducing its own small quirks. H2HCZEK1 provides pressure by piling on the zombie grunts while restricting the health supply and punctuates that with Revenants, to deliver knock-out blows to anyone who scrapes through the crossfire! The locale is base-y and reminiscent of Knee Deep despite heavy usage of sequel textures; space to fight is provided, but slip out of that space too early and you’ll be waking up the deaf enemies hiding around every corner. Another comparison to Doom’s shareware episode you could make is that there are hardly any traps built into the map – excepting one sneaky cupboard full ‘o Demons, the enemies are already at their battle stations and it’s Doomguy’s choice how to approach each battle.

Also includes a one-way barrel deathtrap for players who have become a little to accustomed to gleefully throwing themselves off cliffs and down holes, because there’s “always” an escape route. Bravo! 😉

I wrote CAYDE.MID over the past two days and the overall idea of the song changed many times, leaving it a little confused, but it’s built on a doomy Doom reference and unfolds into something that sits squarely in the middle of the funk/prog/crap spectrum. In a good way.


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