demo, MIDI

DMOMEN, June 1994 (and ROBFRIPP.MID)

An early map by a husband and wife team who later contributed to the fascinating and incredible Eternal Doom, DMOMEN is a hellish base replete with red-brick and toasty human remains. Love that dark tunnel full of demons and vines – such simple design but perhaps the optimal place for snug pinkies to live!

The opening room is the hardest part because of the nature of the shotgunner – sometimes they just kill you! Luckily, rushing over to the rocket launcher room creates a safe strategy where many of the enemies approach you and get caught up in little fights of their own. The rest of the map is largely clean-up, but it’s pretty clean-up in an environment on par with the IWAD hell maps. Just thought I’d share this interesting little level with everyone – grab it here! I couldn’t find any demos for this WAD on DSDA but I’ve learnt that all levels from 1994 go by many names, some less intuitive than others. =P

ROBFRIPP.MID is an incredibly disingenuously-titled funk tune, since I love the idea of dark funk accompanying doom guy’s jaunts to the underworld. There’s a little humour and Parliamentary formula thrown in, plus not too much guitar!


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