demo, MIDI

D2RELOAD MAP 11 “Phobos Lab” and THISASA.MID

“Phobos Lab” is a reprised name from Doom’s history, but the old map didn’t have a zillion chaingunners. Your reason for traversing the labs this time around is to find the means to teleport yourself to the planet surface below, and the trip takes you through dark, infested labs, storage areas and the level set’s trademark corridors, neatly book-ending the episode.

The level is dense with monsters in general, with the lobby fight on your way back from unlocking the warehouse appearing to be the stand-out encounter; the ambush is volatile and resistant to a simple solution because an incredibly PSYCHIC Arch-vile seems to naturally step in and cause chaos as soon as you’ve decided how to approach everything else! That’s the sign of a well-planned encounter, especially as the battle can get entertainingly out of hand without ever quite rendering the level unbeatable.

THISASA.MID overbears with nonsense chords and anti-orchestral instrument usage to mock old synth units. Poisoned rock in 20 sugary flavours. I’m proud of it but at the same time I know how lazy the tune is and how much better it could be with actual transitional work and and and

I won’t be continuing to make tunes for the next episode of Doom 2 Reloaded, or at least not for quite a while; I remembered that the blog is meant to be about levels from before the year 2000, so it’s time I revisited some old Doom 1 PWADs next!


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