demo, MIDI

D2RELOAD MAP10 “Administration” and PLOOF.MID

I can’t really work out what “Administration”‘s theme is! The level doesn’t particularly appear to take place in an administrative building, to me, since the presence of office space and archives don’t even really seem to be implied. Call it more of an abstract level, then, with the main route around the facility involving teleporters and guard posts and what have you. The secrets are incredibly generous on this level, including a suit of Mega-armor, an invulnrosphere and a BFG, which in concert rather take the sting out of the second main battle which leaves the battle on the tiered lifts against a Vile and his undead army the trickiest section to survive. A speedrunner could battle their way up the balconies; a sane player will probably just hope to get lucky with a few rockets. =P

Decoration-wise I quite like the bright white tiling, because anything is better than SHAWN2. This level does seem to suffer from symmetrical detailing the most so far, but there are several landmarks and a fun strange section where a pitch black pathway lights up as you traverse it and battle off Cacodemons from the shadows. I wonder what sort of level set this author could make if he refrained from all the business-like, smartly-decorated symmetrical corridors and opted for something a little sillier? Probably something rather similar to MARSWAR, actually!

PLOOF.WAD is a short stuttery loop meant to confuse and give a spacier atmosphere. Was thinking of Bjork’s greatest tracks at the time of composition. It’s hardly rock music but then the encounters in Administration don’t exactly pump the blood themselves. =P


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