demo, MIDI

SCRAPING.MID and D2RELOAD MAP 08 “Waste Processing”

OK, I had enough time off… =P

The eighth level here fits into that Plutonic vein, with lots of health and ammo to balance how easy it is to make mistakes thanks to the map’s layout, and how short Doomguy’s life can be for the mistake-prone. No matter how many times I attempted to find a safe route through the level, it wasn’t happening. That’s monster pressure in a nutshell and, as a consequence, it makes me play like a panicking mouse. Finding all the secrets allows you a fighting chance against all the heavyweight monsters packed into Waste Processing – it’s definitely another map whose star player is the Revenant. The decoration is drab and suitably resembling of a sewer (and what I focused on when I was writing the replacement tune, because otherwise today’s song would just be a series of gunshot sounds) with locational sensibilities halfway between Alien Vendetta and Vile Flesh, what with the whole place being plastered in dark metal panelling. I wouldn’t say the map was bad at all, but it’s at that annoying difficulty level where I know a pro could barrel through it but I have to grind through encounters to survive. Oh well, time to practise!

SCRAPING.MID is some seriously downbeat sewer jazz, for want of a better genre, a lonely tune without much snare or hopefulness. The last melody was a little too easy so it is almost certainly stolen from something really famous 😀


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