D2RELOAD MAP 07 “Witch Space”

It’s Dead Simple 😀

OK, the problem with doing a reskin of Dead Simple is that, in the original Doom 2 level progression, you had encountered neither Mancubi nor Arachnotrons in the first six levels, so the ensuing fight really does shock the first-time player, kill them repeatedly and enlighten them to the fact that some enemies need to be fought from rather specific ranges if you’re planning to be at all effective at Doom. Doom 2 Reloaded reprises the theme of Dead Simple but not the point. Sorry. I mean, I love this level set but this is a rather duff decision. Just imagine what crazy things the author COULD have done with the map07 special triggers, rather than doing this =P

Not linking the MIDI because it is pants. Well, maybe if you ask nicely, but everything involved in today’s post is a mistake to be moved past.


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