demo, MIDI


Definitely the first level which blatantly wants you dead. All manner of Revenants, Viles and Barons stand between you and the exit, as do a pair of incredibly inconvenient locked doors, necessitating a jaunt around The Scenic Route where so many nasties have taken up residence. You can imagine how many times I died before getting an acceptable demo out of this level, and I still fell well short of the par time… maxing Lockdown at those speeds is going to require several pairs of aggression shades in combination.

Look out for the super-secret in the video below – a very short trip to the underworld through a hidden teleporter, perfect if you’re getting a little sick of all the functional gray walls and strip lighting of the real world. Of course, you also arrive standing ankle-deep in scalding lava, but you have to take the good with the bad.

HOLYGON.MID is a charming midi full of dream-poppy/indie/whatever-else-you-call-twinkly-guitar-music-in-2015 rock. Demon slaying music for sure. =P


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