demo, MIDI


Every map of D2Reload so far has shared one environment, the futuristic base. Yet secondary themes perfectly distinguish the levels – in Alpha Base, all Doomguy wants to do is to safely access the Comms Station beyond, but obstacles left scattered around the base force you to make detours through air-ducts and laser runs all packed with zombies. Rather than letting these passageways be repetitive breathers between the action, the author neatly turns the corridors into the most memorable feature of the level. Chaingunners really have the spotlight in Alpha Base, putting a definite limit on how hastily you can sprint around the outpost, especially as the limited space offered to the player helps them to easily draw a bead.

I believe this map contains the first tricky-to-find secret area in the game, requiring the player to realize a particular section of tunnel isn’t exactly symmetrical… spoilers in the video below! I was all ready to brag that this demo featured some fairly proficient Doom play until I spent a full forty seconds attempting and failing to traverse a set of secret stairs. I took so long that a Cacodemon snuck up behind me… still, fate was on my side, as you’ll see that Doomguy takes two fireballs to the face and receives only FIVE damage from each. That seems very unlikely but I am hardly going to complain! Video reaches the exit in under par time, though if you’re impressed by that, then you should look up Cannonball’s run of the same level, which slaughters every enemy in attendance over a minute faster than I could manage!

…and here’s RUFFALO.MID, all bouncy riffs and rock swagger. I told you there’d be riffs! OK, it’s not *quite* as simple as a straight rock song but there’s enough catchy stuff in here for everyone. Everyone who likes goofy riffs, anyway.


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