demo, MIDI

FROWNWPA.MID and D2RELOAD MAP01, “Infestation”

D2RELOAD is a level set I admire, so when I saw the DWMegawad club were playing it I thought I’d jump in with a little project – a playthrough video for each map and a new MIDI every time.

“Infestation” follows a set of concrete canals and tunnels in a murky adventure featuring a lot of sniping and leaping from aqueduct-y things. Not an awe-inspiring opener but still a very well-defined location with life of its own – and with the CEMENT and PIPE usage, a reminder that all the textures from the base set have their moments. The coolest part might be fighting the Revenants with your under-powered weaponry early in the level.

I saw some people in the DW forums complain that they spent too much time on lifts but that didn’t worry me in the slightest. My main reservation was the way this map introduces both the Cacodemon and the Hell Knight in totally unthreatening ways – the Cacodemons in an open area with lots of ditches you can jump into in an emergency, and the Knights on top of a giant water tower, well out of melee range. Perhaps they have some special menace in a speedrun, but I might suggest all those creatures should have been Revenants too.

A running theme through D2RELOAD is its secret areas with exclusive pictures on the walls – you can get a good idea of the designer’s taste by finding them all. I admit I plow past this particular secret a little quickly in the following video (if only I played that quickly the rest of the time!)

(imagine being this bad at Doom but still finding exit rooms) …and here’s the tune!

FROWNWPA.MID – A slow, moody jazz dirge for those moments when you’re ankle-deep in uncertain liquid.


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